A Brief Introduction to Handbags (Part 2)
To continue our exploration of the world of handbags, let’s cover some styles that are arguably as relevant as those in Part 1, but whose names tend to be lesser known. All of which have an interesting history, unique functionality and became mainstays in the handbag industry.

Photographed above: The Carla

You guessed it… This classic, sporty style is inspired by the bags that originally toted around bowling balls. The fashion industry saw an opportunity as bowling became more popular in the 1950s and 60s. Bowling became more than just a sport. It was a trend, a lifestyle- bowling outfits, jackets and bags all became important fashion items!

This fun design naturally was a big hit and fashion designers have been playing with the style ever since. Two durable handles and a rounded top make for a solid design that’s built to last.

Photographed above: The Fernanda 

Today, doctors don’t typically carry one of these doctor’s bags when they visit their patients. But, once upon a time, these were a necessity for anyone who practiced medicine. To carry the wide array of tools and materials that doctors require, they needed a bag with considerable storage, a durable design and a kind of lock or snap closure for security.

Today, they seem to be most commonly used for weekend getaways and shorter vacations. And, every great designer has crafted their unique version of the doctors bag.

Photographed above: The Terry

The Box Bag history isn’t quite as obvious. It really emerged on the scene in the 1950’s. Historically, the box bag style was fairly small- making it more fitting as an evening bag. It became a staple of the wardrobe of high society.

In recent years, the box bag style has frequently landed a spot in fashion reports ‘Must Haves’! We could not agree more! Our Box Bag design is significantly more spacious than it’s distant predecessors and has a convenient carrying strap- making it a great bag for any occasion!

Photographed above: The Irma 

The Trapezoid bag is quite clearly named for it’s trapezoidal shape and has made a huge comeback in the past 5 years. The design reportedly originated in the 1840’s when a man named Samuel Parkinson (the first manufacturer of butterscotch candy) requested the designer, H.J. Cave, to design a perfect travel bag for his wife.

Today, you will find trapezoid bags of all dimensions- some feature very wide sides making a much more geometrical shape and some are a little more subtle. When the trapezoid bag made it’s way back into fashion ‘Must Have’ lists in 2013, many designers created their fun and modern take on the design. We like the trapezoid shape for it’s flat bottom and the extra storage space created by the slanted sides. And, it’s just a fun shape to change things up a bit!