To Match or Not to Match

It's an age-old question - should your shoes and your handbag match? 

You're a fashionista, with an eye for style and design and you're proud to wear bold accessories, such our Angela in Red. You have the perfect outfit picked out, you know what you're going to wear, you know the type of handbag you'll need (large for an everyday/office look, such as The Barbara, small to medium for a quick and casual evening out, such as The Elena, or The Princesa, or something a bit more compact if you want to travel lightly, such as The Olivia). But despite having your outfit together and knowing the size of handbag you'll need for the occasion, a question still comes up - should your shoes match your handbag? 

It's an age-old question that fashionable women have been asking themselves. 

So what's the real answer? As long as you feel confident and you love your look, strut it! There's nothing to stop you from wearing a red handbag, leopard print heels, and a teal belt. If you have that self-confident swagger that only comes from knowing how good you look, then go with it! 

On the other hand, if you want to be a true #BossLady, then matching your accessories shows just how much care you put into your look. Looking for that perfect matching accessory can take time (and patience). If you are so well put-together that all of your accessories match, it shows that you spent careful time and consideration on your outfit. 

Another important item to consider is tone color. Gold or silver tones generally go well together (gold necklace, gold-tone belt hardware, and gold handbag hardware) but might clash when they are mixed.

See how the beautiful gold tones go together? 

In the end, style should be expressive, creative, fun and adventurous! So what are you - are you a "matching" type of woman or are you more on the "serial mixer" side? 

Let us know your thoughts!

And if you're really looking for that something special, you can have us design your bag!

December 15, 2016 by Elena Gacitua