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While we love to help men and women feel fashionable and confident, our brand is is about something much deeper.

We’re about the power of community, passion, and persistence.

Through the outreach and success of our brand, we want to embolden everyone who lacks confidence or feels held back to believe that—with vision, persistence, and help from others—they are capable of doing the impossible.

The very existence of the Gaspy brand is living proof.



Following dreams and conquering fear has been a moving force in the life our founder, Elena.

Though growing up in a poor family in Chile, Elena always had a passion for design. By necessity, she and her sister learned to design and sew clothing for their family of eight from a very young age. Though undertaken as a labor of love and economic necessity, Elena discovered that she enjoyed the creative process of transforming used fabrics into something new, fashionable, and fun.

Unfortunately, pursuing her passion for design proved infeasible. Though she began a college-level program in design, she was forced to quit after her first year in pursuit of something more “practical.” (And after it became clear to her that design was not a profession favored for the poor and disadvantaged, like herself.)

But while her dream was delayed, it was not deterred.

After overcoming enormous odds—including immigrating with her two young children to the United States, learning a new language, adjusting to an entirely new culture, and working long hours—Elena’s efforts ultimately resulted in her becoming a respected and successful entrepreneur.

But her passion for design never left her.


After decades of overcoming the odds, Elena decided there was one last hurdle to overcome: realizing her original dream of creating artisan-crafted accessories so beautifully designed that wearers feel inspired and confident — but for prices accessible to hardworking, everyday men and women.

The idea struck her while visiting Medellin, Colombia, where design and leather crafting are deeply embedded in the local culture.

While dining in the homes of craftsmen and sipping tea with local designers, Elena built a team of passionate, close-knit, and immensely talented individuals to join her in bringing her dream to fruition.

Now this same group of individuals, who are like family to each other, are bringing fresh new styles and excellent craftsmanship not only to Colombia, but to the American market, as well.



We strive to create products that help you feel confident and fashionable.

We are committed to maintaining affordable prices and a great variety of designs. Whether you are businesswoman on the move, a new mom with lots to carry, or an on-the-go student, we want you to feel comfortable and confident.

We wish to lead by serving.

We want to build up our local communities.

We celebrate diversity and humanity.

Ultimately, we aspire to kindle a fire in others to find confidence in themselves, hope for the future, a passion for helping others, and the willingness to reach out for help and inspiration from their local community.